Fire extinguisher servicing

Fire extinguisher servicing

35 years experience

With 35 years experience under our belts, Fire Extinguishers Cheshire is at the highest pinnacle of portable fire extinguisher service companies serving Cheshire.

Our client base is vast and varied ranging from independent shops to corporate multinational companies and retail giants.

At Fire Extinguishers Cheshire we understand the importance of keeping your establishment safe and compliant and put an emphasis on customer service and safety.

When you call and set up an on-site walk-through of your facility, a certified fire extinguisher service technician will ensure the following:

Correct type of extinguisher is on premise specific to your business/operation.
Extinguisher are charged and in working order and tagged
Extinguishers are properly located throughout your establishment
Upon service, Fire Extinguishers Cheshire will examine your fire extinguishers to ensure they are in proper working order and will operate effectively and safely. If there is physical damage to an extinguisher FEC will be determined if repair or replacement is necessary. 

What is a Hydrostatic Test?

Hydrostatic testing is pressure testing of a fire extinguisher to verify its strength against unwanted pressure.

It is the responsibility of the owner or the occupant of a property to ensure service, maintenance, and recharging of all fire extinguishers. If a fire extinguisher is temporarily removed due to maintenance or recharging a loaner extinguisher will be left on premise that has an equal or greater rating until the original extinguisher is returned.

Fire Extinguisher services can mean the difference between a fire that is easily recovered from or a total loss.
Although the local fire stations of today have cut response times radically, a good in-date and charged fire extinguisher is always “first on-site” if a fire should happen. This is why Fire Extinguishers Cheshire performs on-site fire extinguisher services as well as other various fire extinguisher services.

It is important to select a fire extinguisher company that is certified and knowledgeable to ensure your establishment and fire extinguishers meet fire regulation criteria.